What is the Myriota Network?

The Myriota Network is our low power, ultra-low cost global satellite network. It eliminates location and price as barriers to the deployment of connected devices anywhere in the world.  With hundreds of thousands of data messages already received from real world sensor devices, the Myriota Network is redefining the capability and reach of IoT.

What is the Myriota Module?

The Myriota Module is your connection to the Myriota Network. This 21mm x 34mm chip has the ability to interface with a huge range of sensors and devices.

It can be programmed with your own custom application to log and transmit data to suit any number of IoT applications, providing capability for sensor interfaces, edge processing, event triggering, and smart power management.

What is the Myriota Cloud?

The Myriota Cloud is our cloud-based signal processing and message delivery app, which sits between the satallite and your application. You can pull your messages from the Myriota Cloud for further processing within your own system.

How does the Myriota Network work?

  1. The Myriota Module collects data from external sensors
  2. The data is packed into 20-byte Myriota Messages and scheduled for transmission
  3. The Myriota Module stays in low power mode until a Myriota satellite is overhead
  4. When the satellite is overhead, the Myriota Module wakes up and transmits messages, and receives updates from the satellite
  5. The satellite stores the collected data
  6. The satellite forwards the collected data back to Myriota Cloud
  7. The data is processed in the Myriota Cloud and user messages are pushed to the user-defined endpoints