Enclosure Assembly & Installation

Step through the following instructions to assemble the Developer Toolkit in its weatherproof enclosure:

  1. Attach sealing strip
  2. Install two AA batteries, which can output regulated voltage no less than 3.0V, and connect the antenna cable to the development board
    • The LED will flash once five seconds after the batteries have been installed and proper firmware has been programmed
    • Non-rechargeable lithium batteries are recommended
    • The battery cover may be installed to secure the batteries.
  3. Close the enclosure and tighten screws
  4. Screw on the external satellite antenna
  5. Install the mounting bracket, if needed

For outside installations the following is required:

  1. The external satellite antenna and the on-board GNSS antenna (on the bottom side of the Development Board under the lid of the enclosure) require a clear view of the sky.
  2. The recommended mounting orientation is vertical with the external satellite antenna pointing up and the lid facing outwards.
  3. The enclosure should not be installed on a conducting material.

Assembly diagrams