Configure Your Destination

You can configure how the Myriota Cloud handles messages from your device using the Device Manager. To get up and running quickly, you may use Myriota's Message Store as your destination initially.

Set Up Your Destination

  1. Login to Device Manager and create an destination of type lambda by first selecting Destinations in the left-bar, then clicking the 'Register New' button
  2. Enter the following fields and click 'Create':
    • Type: lambda
    • FunctionArn: arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:330018199594:function:MessageStore-Endpoint:Live
    • RoleArn: arn:aws:iam::330018199594:role/MessageStore-Endpoint

Register Your Device

Register your device with the Myriota Cloud and specify messages to go to the destination defined above.

  1. Retrieve your registration code by switching to the terminal window, and entering the following command --regcode -p /dev/ttyUSB0
  2. Copy the registration code
  3. Switch back to the Device Manager.
  4. Select 'Devices' from the left-bar, then click the 'Register New' button.
  5. Enter your device Registration Code and select your lambda Destination from the drop down.