Retrieve Messages

  1. To retrieve messages sent from your device, you will need your Module's ID. Switch back to the terminal and enter the following command --id -p /dev/ttyUSB0
  2. Copy the ID, and then use it to run the following command query <ID>

Note there can be a message latency of up to 10 minutes when using the Satellite Simulator and typically up to 16 hours when transmitting to the Myriota satellite.

Due to the nature of the probability algorithm used to determine transmission success, you may see one or more duplicates received at your Destination for a given message. This duplication will be resolved in a future release of the SDK, and duplicated messages are not included in your billable message count.

In production, customers typically have messages forwarded to their own systems as soon as they are available. Myriota supports a number of destination types, including a simple POST request to a REST API. Destinations can be configured at Device Manager.