Using the Satellite Simulator

The Satellite Simulator USB dongle can be used to simulate Myriota's satellite constellation within a laboratory environment. This is useful for development because you need not wait for a satellite to come overhead.

To start the Satellite Simulator plug the Satellite Simulator USB dongle into your PC and run

You will be prompted for your Device Manager username and password when the Satellite Simulator starts. Your username is your email address.

Your Satellite Simulator is now ready to receive transmissions from your Myriota Module. The Satellite Simulator passes raw information back to the Myriota Cloud for processing. After printing some output at startup the will not print further output during normal operation. You receive messages by first creating an account and registering your Myriota Module at Device Manager as described in Retrieving messages.

The Myriota terminal can be told to use the Satellite Simulator by setting the environment variable SATELLITES=Lab. For example, to build the hello_space.bin from the Schedule Messages section do:

make clean; SATELLITES=Lab make

This builds a hello_space.bin binary that will transmit to your nearby Satellite Simulator.

The Satellite Simulator and transmit power are configured for short-range communication (a few meters) when using SATELLITES=Lab. Your Myriota module requires a GNSS fix to transmit.

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